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Foothold in Africa.

Michel Relecom, a member of the sixth generation of brewers in the Caulier family, took the bold step of developing and gathering under a single brand several breweries located in Congo (in Stanleyville, Luluabourg, Leopoldville and Paulis), surrounding himself with prominent figures from the world of brewing for the venture.

This is how, in 1960, he created the UNIBRA group, breathing new life into the family brewery on a new continent: Africa.

In 1964, in collaboration with a number of major brewery groups – Allied Breweries Ltd. (United Kingdom), John Labatt Ltd. (Canada) and Pripp Bryggerierna A.B. (Sweden) – Unibra decided to create Skol International in order to develop and distribute the Skol brand throughout the world.

In Congo, thanks to the SKOL brand, UNIBRA experienced industrial growth and commercial success that enabled it to become the leader in this highly competitive market during several periods.

Unibra also went through some difficult times, including political unrest in 1960-1964, government policies of Zairianisation, radicalisation and retrocession in 1973-1975 and looting in 1991-1993. Michel Relecom passed away unexpectedly in 1994. Aware of the local situation and the company’s future projects, his wife Maïté Relecom took over at the head of the firm. In 2010, all the shares were gathered into the hands of Relecom family following the Group’s withdrawal from the stock market. Today, Unibra’s vision in Africa focuses on the growth of the brand, with a clear desire to perpetuate and develop the brewing activity.

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