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Unibra | SKOL Brewery Ltd. keeps up its long-standing tradition of social commitment

At SKOL Brewery Ltd., the Rwandan brewer of the eponymous beer and member of the Unibra Group, we take a keen interest in the well-being of our staff, their families and the local community.
Our 3-year partnership with FXB Rwanda, the NGO that supports vulnerable families in their quest for more self-determination and this inter alia in the field of education, nutrition, healthcare and disease prevention, is testimony to that.
This year too, Unibra / SKOL Brewery Ltd. will continue its support for the FXB Village programme, more specifically among 100 families in the Musambira Region, by providing the population with free hygiene products. After all, personal hygiene plays an important role in people’s daily lives and their prospects for the future.
Emilienne Benurugo, Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at SKOL Brewery Ltd. puts it as follows: “Good personal hygiene is essential because it does wonders for a person’s mental and physical health. It helps to prevent diseases like Ebola, HIV and Covid-19, to name just a few. And it undoubtedly plays an important role in social integration and acceptance, for the fear of socialising disappears, which, in turn, increases a person’s chances of employment.”
In this way, we can give our staff in Rwanda, their families and the local population something back for their dedication which has turned SKOL Breweries Ltd. into one of the most important breweries on the African continent.

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