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Unibra Group has moved to the Royal Belge site

A new summer, a new address for the Unibra Group!

Preparations are behind us, the countdown is over. With the arrival of the summer, a new chapter begins for the Unibra Group. On the 1st of July, we crossed the road with our entire team to move into our new offices in Royale Belge - Boulevard du Souverain 25.

The iconic, cross-shaped building with its groundbreaking architecture was for many years the headquarters for Royale Belge/AXA and is already a benchmark for the 'new way of working' in Brussels. Imagine, more than an entire floor is even dedicated to hospitality, socialising, catering and relaxation.

From the bright and airy open-plan offices, our staff will enjoy green surroundings with inspiring views. Unibra Group’s philosophy fits perfectly in with the concept of the Royale Belge : working passionately, professionally and results-oriented with a strong focus on underlying human values. Transformation and facilitating is our DNA, just like the relentless pursuit of excellence at every level.

Royale Belge - Boulevard du Souverain 25 will be our new home with plenty of exciting opportunities and future prospects. Dream big & live it!

25/9 Boulevard du Souverain
1170 Brussels

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