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SKOL Brewery supports tree planting

SKOL Brewery remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote environmental conservation and community development. Our brewery decided to join forces during Umuganda for a huge tree planting initiative as part of the hashtag#OneShotOneTree campaign. The goal is to contribute to environmental sustainability by planting as many trees as possible. The planting of fruit trees will also address malnutrition issues within the community. Additionally, we generously provided extra trees to the Gatsata community for planting around their homes.

As part of our commitment, our Brewery pledged to plant 50 trees; for every goal scored by @RayonSportsWFC during the First Division Women League. To date, the number of trees planted across various activities stands at an impressive 4,700, symbolizing the 94 goals scored during the championship!

On the pictures you can see shareholder Thibault Relecom, the Management and Staff, Rayon Sports WFC, Orion BBC, Gatsata Sector, Gasabo District, and other stakeholders.

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