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SKOL Brewery Ltd. gives the assist, Rayon Sports kicks the ball into the net

Skol gives the assist, Rayon Sports kicks the ball into the net

Rwanda-based SKOL Brewery Ltd. are part of the Belgian Unibra Group. The brewery has long supported the local community with worthwhile initiatives in the area of self-reliance, education, healthcare, employment and housing. On the sports front Skol does not lag behind either. For example, the beer brand sponsors the Rwandan first division team Rayon Sports F.C.

Previously, SKOL Brewery Ltd. had organised training for promising young players aged 6 to 18, who had the opportunity to hone their sporting skills under the guidance of official trainers and players on the Rayon Sports team.

Recently, during the Rayon Sports Day, the new players and new jerseys for the coming season were introduced in a particularly festive and sporting atmosphere. Time and again, the Rayon Sports Day in the SKOL Brewery Ltd. Stadium attracts huge interest, with sports and fun going hand in hand. The video below provides a great picture of this memorable day.

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