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NEW PROJECT: Bellecour

Unibra Real Estate and Belfius Immo redesign the centre of Braine-l’Alleud

Braine-l’Alleud is the most densely populated municipality in Walloon Brabant. To effectively transform this advantage into leadership in the cultural, political, social or sports areas, many initiatives have already been taken in recent years, among them the recent decision to breathe new life into the city centre in terms of urbanisation. One of these initiatives, and not the least, is the development of the Bellecour project.

A strong partnership
This involves a joint initiative of Unibra Real Estate and Belfius Immo. They have received a permit to build 98 flats and five commercial properties in the city centre, on the site of the former Royal Lyceum. The site is 6000 square metres in size, 2400 of which are being built on. This project involves a considerable investment. Commissioning of Bellecour is expected for the spring of 2023.

Distinctive and daring architecture
Both partners have engaged the internationally renowned architectural firm Jaspers-Eyers Architecture for a daring visual statement that will decisively catapult the skyline of Braine-l’Alleud into the 21st century. The architectural concept contrasts with the predominant style of building in the surroundings.

Jaspers-Eyers has conceived a building with numerous openings and a remarkable number of terraces. Also striking are the angled, recessed facades of the two top floors that suggest a cut diamond. Various passageways on the ground floor create openness and allow passers-by or visitors to stroll through the buildings. The intention of the builders and architects was to diverge from the standard pattern with a closed facade facing the street and a single large courtyard. Here, everyone will be able to walk through beneath the buildings and enjoy various smaller courtyards.

Unibra Real Estate
Unibra Real Estate is mainly active in high-quality, often high-end residential projects and office buildings, with an ongoing strong focus on sustainability. Their market is located primarily in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They also excel in management and leasing as well as development of urban residential areas.

In line with their family tradition, they have surrounded themselves with a skilled and passionate team of young people who consistently uphold values such as trust, knowledge development and respect, while also being involved in social and community concerns.

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