About us

Unibra is a Belgian company owned by Maïté Relecom, widow of Michel Relecom, founder of the group in the 1960s and her son Thibault Relecom, current CEO.

Unibra was quoted on the stock exchange until 2011, when shareholders decided to delist the shares in a squeeze-out bid.

The activities of the UNIBRA group are centered around two operating divisions and a liquidity management division.

  • The beverage industry in Africa, and more particularly beer production. This business gave rise to the UNIBRA group and has continued to develop and evolve since its creation.
  • The real estate sector focuses on property and the management of high-end buildings in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the United States. At the same time, Unibra develops residential property projects in Brussels and its suburbs as well as office buildings and residential complexes in Luxembourg.
  • The group’s liquidity management, whilst treated with caution, provides the two first divisions with the financial means necessary to their development.